Esri is sponsoring an internal developer hackathon. Use the Data – Design – Develop pattern to build an ArcGIS Runtime, JavaScript, Python, or hybrid app that shows best practices and what separates our technology from our competitors. Think of it as a showcase app to help market our platform.

We are asking you to use ArcGIS platform tools to build a solution in GIS that solves a problem for the constituents in your chosen category: an app, a service, a utility, a website, etc. that targets enterprise users, civic constituents, or consumers.

It’s not just about building fancy desktop or mobile apps, it’s about showing how to use our platform in a simple, clear way to solve a real-world problem. You want your app to sell the platform! Ultimately, we would like to use the app you create as showcase/model apps on Esri Labs, the developers website, and Example Apps.


January 25-26, 2018


M1 Triplex

Online (Skype video conference, remote teams can submit with repo + video)


Participants should come with the following:

  • Desire to participate on a development team solving a problem in GIS.
  • Manager's approval to participate.
  • Laptop.
  • Required software tools to be effective in your role on your team.
  • Review, understand, and agree to the Official Rules.

Not every team member has to be a programmer. Teams can benefit from data preparation, design, project management and organization, testing, and research.


Apps will be judged in one of three categories:

  • Enterprise
  • Consumer
  • Civic

Teams will consist of 2-6 members.

The event is open to anyone within Esri with manager's approval, including Esri Int'l Distributors, who meet the prerequisites.

Come prepared with the hardware and software you require in your team's role.


We will be giving out prizes to the best project submissions based on the judging criteria.

  • Overall winner
  • First prize each of the 3 categories (Enterprise, Consumer, Civic)
  • Second prize in each of the 3 categories (Enterprise, Consumer, Civic)

Hack the Map engraved trophy for overall winning team (bragging rights).

Esri swag for winners and runners up in each category.

More Information

Official website.

Slack (open now - Join with an email address at

Live stream on Skype during the event.


The event is open to anyone within Esri (with manager's approval), including Esri Int'l Distributors, who meets the prerequisites.

Participants must be able to appear in-person at Esri headquarters or via Skype/Lync over Esri's VPN.

Participants can form teams of up to 6 individuals.

Teams must declare participation by the Team entry deadline.


Submissions will be judged on content developed during the hackathon submission period only. Any component developed before the hackathon submission period is not eligible for judging.

All teams must declare their participation by the Team entry deadline by completing the team entry form.

All code must be submitted to a public Github repository and available for the judges and event organizers to access.

The submitted solution must build and run in a standalone app on a PC or Mac computer or in a simulator running on a PC or Mac computer.

All projects submitted must use the ArcGIS platform APIs in some way. Projects submitted that do not use ArcGIS developer technology are not eligible for judging and prizes.

All submissions must use only publically released APIs, SDKs, software and services. Since the submissions are made to public github repositories, and our ultimate goal is to show your project off on a public facing website, we cannot accept submissions that use beta or internally available non-public components.

All submitting teams must be able to perform a 5-minute presentation of their solution. Teams may present in-person, via videoconference, or by submitting a video of their presentation. When presenting in-person at least one team representative must be on site during the presentation period at the specific time requested. When presenting via video conference at least one team representative must be online during the presentation period at the specific time requested. When submitting a video the video must be submitted with the project by the submission deadline.

All submissions must include: title, elevator pitch (short description), technology used, link to public github repository, all contributing team members, project description, 3 screenshots. Video, additional screenshots, project thumbnail are optional.

If any additional hardware is used it will not be considered in the judging. If additional hardware is required it is the team's responsibility to make it available to the judges during the judging period.

Hackathon Sponsors


Overall Winner

The Trophy is awarded to the overall winner - the team that delivers the best app overall, awarded to the highest overall score.

Esri swag bag (3)

Awarded to the first place team in each of 3 categories. Swag bag includes: Esri tote bag, Esri hard-cover notebook, Esri t-shirt.

Esri Swag Bag (2nd place) (3)

Esri swag bag including: tote bag, hard-cover notebook, t-shirt

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

In order to enter the hackathon teams must complete the following:

  • Please review and agree to the Official Rules.
  • Participants must meet the prerequisites.
  • The team entry must meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Create your account (or login) on Devpost.
  • Declare participation by the Team entry deadline of Thursday, January 25, at 12:00 PM GMT for teams participating from Europe, or 12:00 PM PT for teams participating from the US. To do this, post a new project on Devpost, then submit that project to the Hack the Map 2 hackathon.
  • For final project submission, complete the project, update your team entry form on Devpost, and prepare your presentation. The completed entry must be submitted by the submission deadline of Friday, January 26, at 2:00 PM GMT for teams participating from Europe, or 2:00 PM PT for teams participating from the US.


Larry Boden

Larry Boden
chief technology officer (CTO) of Professional Services

Scott Morehouse

Scott Morehouse
Director of Research and Development of Esri

Steve Nelson

Steve Nelson
UX/UI design team lead Software Products

Dawn Wright

Dawn Wright
Chief Scientist, Esri + GIS/oceans professor at OSU

Judging Criteria

  • Applicability
    Applies to category – Civic, Consumer, Enterprise
  • Usefulness
    Real world applicability and usefulness;
  • Design
    User experience and design
  • Submission quality
    Submission quality - how well the project adheres to the submission guidelines
  • Project quality
    Project quality - based on clear architecture and code organization of the solution
  • Completeness
    Project completeness – how much of the proposed solution was built and how much worked
  • Presentation
    Quality of presentation - how well the product is represented, how well the presentation follows the presentation guidelines
  • ArcGIS Integration
    Application of ArcGIS technology and utilization of ArcGIS APIs and SDKs

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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